Dinnershow Festival

Dinnershow Festival is fully inspired by various festivals from the past 100 years and pays tribute to the most special moments in history. The freedom and magical feel of Woodstock, the explosion of talend and diversity at Coachella, the expression of Carnival, the pride for Dutch festivals and of course the spectacular Tomorrowland. The unique history of Villa Thalia, which was originally a cinema founded by Abraham Tuschinsky, is also beatifully incorporated into the theme of Dinnershow Festival.

Guests of all ages can expect an unforgettable evening full of depth in music, film, song, dance, visual effects, storytelling and a completely new 4-course menu. Villa Thalia does everything to give guests a new sense of connection with each other and with festivals, also makes this evening a perfect opportunity for families and groups. In short, Dinnershow Festival: for everyone who does not want the festival season to end.

Dinnershow Festival can be experienced from 7 pm till 11 pm.

For more information about the menu and bookings, please contact us via: 010-2142547 or info@thepartygroup.nl.


  • Regular € 99,00
    Four course dinner
    Unlimited beer, soda and wine (Domestically) *
  • Luxe € 135,00
    Four course dinner
    Unlimited luxury bar (Foreign spirits & liquor)*

*drinks unlimited from 7 pm till 11 pm. 


Experience a spectacular night out at Villa Thalia with friends, family and colleagues!

Contact us via: 010-2142547 or info@thepartygroup.nl.


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Dinnershow Festival